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Most Embarrassing Moment - I don't think I have ever, except my dad used to yell out the car window at boys.

Why Do You Want To Be An AMERICAN IDOL - People tell me that they feel my music and it makes them feel good and I would love to share that gift.

If you couldn't sing, what talent would you want? - Acting.

Favorite Judge? Why? - Simon. I believe that he speaks his mind and is real about what he says. That's admirable.

Least Favorite Judge? Why? - Ouch. Randy, only because he did not really say much, so I didn't know much about him.

Anything You Would Not Change To Become The American Idol? - I'd change the outside look. I do constantly just to surprise people, but I will never change what's inside. Hopefully people like me for me.

What's In Your CD Player Right Now - Disturbed

What are you going to call your first CD? - Step Back Into Reality.

Album Your Friends Would Be Surprised You Own - "Now and Then" soundtrack

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