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Mission One Has Begun!
Ok to all you wannabe fans out there! (lol j/k) This is your chance to prove to Nikki that you are a true fan! The first Mission of the one and only (100% original) Nikki Street Team is to get her version of "Piece of My Heart" played at all the major radio stations. Our main targets are:

and Seattle

To try and convince the major stations of those cities, we should constantly email them and pester them. In some of the emails we should include the cd version of "Piece of My Heart" so they can hear it and maybe wanna play it...Let's get cracking! But before you do this and we assgin cities, we need to know if you're a member! Join today!

  Join The Street Gang
If you want to join then simply email me at

include your name (or nickname from the boards) and which area you live in the country (east, west and then thats it!..hehe I'll keep a running tab on this page of the members and when they became memebers...

Members List
Member Date

Odi 11/11/02
Briana 11/11/02
Opinionated Gal 11/11/02
Steven 11/12/02
Garlic 11/13/02
Singasong 11/14/02
NIKKISgotitALL 11/14/02
Janerz1 11/16/02
dbarm 11/16/02
Fran 11/16/02
MissSpicyDiva 11/17/02
NIKKIFAN10 11/17/02
marty_995 05/16/03

Click here for a list of Radio Stations

Nikki's Piece of my Heart (Cd version)